Our History

Sunny Fields was founded in 2012 by professionals with extensive experience in the garlic industry. Since then, we have developed as one of the most recognized fresh and peeled garlic suppliers in the Southeast region. Located in Miami, Florida, our facility is equipped with the best technology for both peeling and packing fresh garlic and shallots. Widely known for the quality of its processes and products, Sunny-Fields continues to be a leader in the garlic industry.

Long Experience Management

Direct Sourcing

Food Safety Program

Growers and Processors

Direct Sourcing from main Garlic Regions

Our Products

Growers and Processors



Our Services

Our Pride is the dedication we put when working with Garlic

International Sourcing

We have recognized suppliers in Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Peru, and other corners of the world.


We offer a variety of services, and we can adapt to different product requeriments.

Private Label Program

We can offer private label programs in case your company is looking to have a line of products with your own brand.

Inventory Management

Our professionals have deep knowledge dealing with garlic and therefore we can offer you consistency in our products year-round..

Food Safety

Food that's always safe to eat

At SunnyFields we are committed to providing the freshest and safest products .We maintain a strict safety and quality levels through the implementation of our Food Safety & Quality Management System which is designed according to the highest international standards and audited by Primus Lab, a leader in audit Certification Programs. We comply with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations as well as meet and exceed customer requirements for food safety and quality. Our dedicated Food Safety Team constantly controls the compliance of Good Manufacturing Practices, Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points, and Quality Management Systems. We conduct internal audits every month and annually by Primus Lab. We are an Organic and Kosher-certified company as well.


Our Customers

Every day our products reach food service and retails companies in different areas of the country from East to Central and Northeast regions.

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